Are You Ready for Life, After Lemonade?

In my first book, Recipe For Lemonade, I shared my strategies for “crisis management” (aka, how to make it through a tough time without falling apart), and gave readers three real strategies that helped me survive life’s toughest challenges: being honest with yourself about your expectations, putting things in perspective, and counting your blessings. If you’ve taken the Recipe For Lemonade Journaling e-Course, you’re not only familiar with these lessons, but hopefully, you’ve learned how to “turn lemons into lemonade” in your own life.

When the dust settles after a crisis, you can sometimes feel like you’re “out of the woods,” but not quite “back home.” This place can make you feel like you are living in a limbo-like “half-life,” caught between a world in ruins, and a “new normal” you’re supposed to be living in, but don’t have a map to get to. You may find yourself wondering, “Is it even possible to feel ‘normal’ again, and am I crazy for thinking I can?”

I’m here to tell you, it is possible and you’re not crazy.

After I finished Recipe For Lemonade, I started reading a lot of Joseph Campbell. Considered one of the world’s leading experts on mythology, Campbell wrote primarily about the “Hero’s Journey” – a kind of mythic structure he proposed all stories follow, whether you are talking about the Bible or Star Wars. The Hero’s Journey, Campbell argued, is a kind of storyline that leads a person down a path that is universal to human existence, because it is a path of growth and development. This path – this journey – of life, and death, and rebirth and mastery, is one that all human beings go through and experience, and because of this, we can recognize its patterns and milestones.

In the days and weeks following a major crisis, we can feel like life is supposed to be “back to normal,” because the “hard part” is over, but what Campbell illustrates in the Hero’s Journey is that this part – post-crisis – can be the most dangerous part of a journey for the Hero, because even though it feels like the end of a long road, it’s not – it’s just the middle. Heroes can get lost in this place because they don’t realize there is still work to be done, battles to be fought, and lives to be rebuilt. It’s the part in the story where a Hero can stop to rest… and never get up.

This Journaling e-Course is going to walk you through the “getting up” and “getting home” parts of your journey. You’ll learn what you have to accept about where you are to move forward, how you can get stuck in this “middle place,” and what you will need to rebuild a “new normal” worth looking forward to. My hope for you is that, by the end of this course, you’ll have that road map back home, and be confident in your ability to face anything that comes across your path.

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