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I’ve been writing and self-publishing books about my life and what I’ve learned ever since I put “Write a Book” on my Bucket List back in 2009. You can view them all on Amazon, but also digitally on Smashwords, which is one of my favorite digital publishing platforms for aspiring authors. You can also connect with me on Goodreads.

Recipe For Lemonade 
Non-Fiction | Personal Growth
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Tolerating unexpected disappointments is par for the course in tough times, but how does one begin the process of true alchemy, of turning bitter into sweet? In this short guide to making the best of things when they’re at their worst, breast cancer survivor April Capil shares her insights and strategies for making it through misfortune.

Life After Lemonade
Non-Fiction | Personal Growth
In “Recipe For Lemonade,” author and cancer survivor April Capil shared her strategies for crisis management. In this follow-up book, she offers advice for the second half of the journey: rebuilding your life after disaster and adjusting to your new normal. The book covers belief systems that keep us from moving forward, how to get un-stuck, and tools for building a life worth looking forward to.

New Tricks
Non-Fiction | Personal Growth
You’ve made it through a crisis thanks to Recipe for Lemonade, and built a “new normal” with the help of Life After Lemonade, but what now? How do you cultivate the courage to leave your comfort zone after surviving disaster? In New Tricks, author April Capil lays out the blueprint for how to craft a second act post-trauma, and build the next-level life you’ve been longing for.

The Underground
Fiction | YA Adventure
11 year-old Winnie Turner learns that a quilt her late mother gave her is a map to freedom, an Underground Railroad crafted to keep her safe from her mysterious father.

Camino De Limon: 47 Days on the Way of St. James
Non-Fiction | Travel Memoirs
In April of 2018, April Capil decided to pack her bags, hire a house sitter, and get on a plane to tackle her biggest adventure: walking the Camino Santiago in Northern Spain. “Camino de Limon” is her personal diary of 47 days walking the Camino Frances solo, with photos and stories of the pilgrims she met on “The Way.”

The Possible Diet
Non-Fiction | Healthy Living
From the author of Life After Lemonade, The Possible Diet lays out a simple, straightforward strategy to break the mental blocks that keep us hanging on to extra weight, and provides an easy-to-follow food and fitness plan to change the way you eat and live a healthier life.


I‘ve been writing screenplays on and off for 20+ years, and recently got back into it. You can read them on and you can find me on here.

Feature | Comedy | 110 Pages
A single mom spreads herself thin to nab a high-end photography gig, but her over-reliance on her blue collar sister pushes their relationship to the breaking point, and she’s forced to re-examine her life choices to save her family. THE WEDDING PLANNER meets SISTERS.

Feature | Drama | 122 Pages
When a school administrator’s witch hunt threatens his fellow students, a class clown is forced to choose between taking a stand for what’s right or protecting his own interests. THE CRUCIBLE meets WHIPLASH.

Feature | Romantic Adventure | 115 Pages
When she finds herself falling for a charming fellow traveler on a 500-mile pilgrimage trail in Spain, a fiercely independent woman must choose between walking her own path or taking a detour for a chance at love. EAT PRAY LOVE meets WILD, in the vein of BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON.

Feature | Comedy | 93 Pages
An uptight Assistant District Attorney jeopardizes her marriage and career when she accidentally ingests her stoner brother’s artisan edibles.

TV | Drama | 52 Pages
A software engineer who’s given up on making his mark in Corporate America must overcome his apathy to save his immortal soul when a demon pays a visit to his failing startup. SILICON VALLEY meets LUCIFER.

TV | Sci-fi | 34 Pages
When a young woman starts experiencing breaks from reality, she struggles with her dependence on a Virtual Experience drug, and is forced to choose between sobriety or madness.


I’ve also written and produced a couple of fun shorts, which are viewable on my personal YouTube Channel (

Web Series Pilot (Bible available on Coverfly) | Comedy
A woman with multiple characters living in her head struggles to manage their often conflicting opinions about how she should cope with a cancer diagnosis. INSIDE OUT meets FLEABAG: View on YouTube here.

Short | Comedy
A kept Chihuahua risks it all to escape the trappings of YouTube stardom and become an outside dog. View on YouTube here.

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