Health Coaching

Health Coaching

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Cancer Survivorship

Everyone’s cancer journey is different, but the one thing many survivors have in common is a lack of support or direction after finishing treatment, which can leave them feeling lost and unfocused. Many struggle with the transition from “cancer patient” to “cancer survivor” because, unlike cardiac patients, cancer patients aren’t usually given a plan for what to do after their last chemo appointment, other than “Check back in 3 months.”

I faced the same struggles after my last cancer checkup. I was done with chemo, done with radiation, and had celebrated my “NED” (No Evidence of Disease). I was supposed to feel happy and relieved to be closing this chapter of my life, but inside, I was still floundering and a little scared of what lay ahead. I was afraid to have my chest port removed (what if my cancer came back?), and I had lost the support system of nurses and doctors who had been there for me on a weekly basis during my journey. I was supposed to feel ready to get on with my life, but instead, I felt disoriented and uncertain about what to do next.

Luckily, I discovered organizations like Cancer Support Community, First Descents, and Texas Oncology, and together, they helped me connect with other young survivors who were mapping their own paths, just like I was. Over time, I learned what worked, what didn’t, and the critical steps that all trauma survivors have to take to rebuild. I even wrote three books about it!

Whether you are struggling to live a healthier lifestyle, improve your stress management skills, or come up with the bucket list to end all bucket lists, I can help. As your Survivorship Coach, I will work with you and your care team to set reasonable goals for wellness that align with your capabilities and needs, and hold you accountable for reaching them in a supportive way. Together, we will map out a three or six month plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be, and help design a “new normal” worth looking forward to. Reach out to me at [email protected] to inquire about my current rates and availability, and how I can best support you in your cancer survivorship goals.

Healthy Living

At the age of 46, I lost 55+ lbs through a doctor-supported program that focused on lifestyle changes in conjunction with a low carb diet. I wrote a book documenting how I did it, and share the strategies and recipes I use every day on The Possible Diet Instagram and YouTube channels.

I’m available to coach you through making positive changes in your diet or lifestyle through my Signature Programs (3-Month and 6-Month), Pantry Consultations, Market Tours (Supermarket or Farmer’s Market), or Custom Meal Prep Parties. You can check out my online classes or sign up for a free consultation through Teach:able.

If you are looking for an independent, self-paced program to learn more about the principles of The Possible Diet, check out my Etsy Shop, where you can get your own Possible Planner to use in conjunction my FREE 5-Week Jumpstart e-Course on YouTube.

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