This blog is a place for you to read about some of the fun or offbeat things I haven’t been able to include in my books or seminars. I’ll recap some of the awesome conferences and events I’ve been able to participate in, share videos, podcasts, or image quotes that have inspired me, and in general give you just a little more than you can get out of the Lemonade Trilogy alone.

Another thing I wanted to make available through this site is some of the older pieces I wrote for my “Team April” blog while I was actually going through treatment, so if you’re looking for those, just look for the tag “Pre-Recovery”. I tag a lot of things with “Cancer” and “Survivorship,” but “Pre-Recovery” will give you only posts written before I finished treatment. If you’re going through chemo yourself or know someone who is, these posts are the ones from the trenches. 🙂

For those of you interested in reading excerpts from my books or slides from my presentations, these posts will be tagged with “Excerpt” along with the book acronym (RFL, LAL, or NT) or conference acronym (LBC, I2YOMG*, C4YW, etc.) so they are also easy for you to sort and find.

In closing, just between us chickens, I have a lot of tools in my “Medicine Cabinet” that help me live an extraordinary life, and I hope to share as many of them with you as I can, so keep checking back for the latest and greatest tricks and treats!



*Understandably, I can’t just tag something “OMG” even though I[2]Y has commandeered that acronym for their annual Young Adult Cancer Conference (now known as CancerCon, which will be 2015’s tag). I mean, what if John Krasinski’s heretofore unknown twin brother suddenly shows up on my doorstep with a tin of Mariage Freres tea and a bag of frasca croissants? How can I tag that post with anything other than OMG? You see my dilemma, I’m sure.